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“His inspirational leadership and creative thinking challenged us to think outside the box...”
~ Former Mayor Peter Fassbender, City of Langley, British Columbia (now Minister of Education, Province of BC)

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Innovation in Urban Design and Sustainable Land Development Planning is MVH’s trademark. This award-winning firm brings expertise in public facilitation and real estate economics to every project. The result is a value-added service with a commitment to excellence.

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MVH brings over 30 years of experience in developing communities around the world.

The company specializes in sustainable development planning and design. As professional development planners, urban designers, and landscape architects, MVH covers environmental analysis and project feasibility through to design and approval. The process combines real estate economics, demographics, architecture, engineering, and environmental design specialists into a creative design and planning process. MVH builds hand-picked teams that bring together the right architect, economist, biologist, and engineer to solve the right problem.

Specialized Services:

  • Growth Management Strategies
  • Global Town and City Design
  • High Level Facilitation and Negotiation
  • Development Feasibility Studies
  • Special Strategic Development and Positioning
  • Resort Development and Planning
  • Customized Development Standards and Efficiencies
  • Official Community Planning and Neighbourhood Concept Plans
  • Environmental Analysis, Eco-Economics, and Market Scanning
  • Sustainable Site Planning, Community Design and Approvals
  • Community Design Charrettes
  • Urban Design Guidelines
  • Communications Strategies
  • Community Partnerships and Financing
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Approvals Coordination
  • Staff Training and Capacity Building


Michael von Hausen @ Queen’s University 2015
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MVH wins two 2014 Awards for Downtown Plans in British Columbia and Alberta

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IAP2 Certification 2014
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MVH wins International Eco-City Design Competition, Huangshi, China 2013
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Ground-breaking Book 2013: Dynamic Urban Design:

A 500 page handbook for Creating Sustainable Communities Worldwide
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Placemakers Leadership Council, New York
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Who's Who for Executive and Professionals
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MVH's 10 New Downtown Plans
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