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The following is a complete list of publications, lectures and presentations available through MVH or an affiliated party. Prices vary with the publication. The goal of these communications is to make them timely, accessible, and affordable so the information can be shared. By sharing, we will hopefully improve this beautiful world we live in.

Complete list of publications, lectures and presentations:

Small Is Big
  • “von Hausen, Michael. Small Is Big: The Rise of the Next Great Small to Mid-Sized Downtowns. 150 page book that provides a basis to regenerate and further vitalize small and mid-sized downtowns in the new economy. Vancouver, B.C., 2017.”

  • von Hausen, Michael A., Dynamic Urban Design: A Handbook for Creating Sustainable Communities Worldwide.  500 page handbook to help design cities, towns and villages.
    iUniverse, Bloomington, Indiana, 2013. ISBN: 978-1-4759-4989-6 (sc) www.iUniverse.com or www.Amazon.com.

    Listen to MVH's, Dynamic Urban Design, book review here:

  • von Hausen, Michael A.,Urban Design and Planning Graphics Resource Book. 170 page handbook for effective visual communications for informed decision making, Simon Fraser University City Program, Vancouver, B.C., 2012.

  • von Hausen, Michael A., Learning from Vancouver. National Seminar on Design and Planning for Sustainable Habitat, Background Paper. EF-1.15-EF-1.31. Published by the International Development Research Centre, Centre for Sustainable Habitat, Human Settlement Management Institute and Housing and Urban Development Corporation, New Delhi, India, July 2011.
  • von Hausen, Michael A., Eco-Plan: Community Ecological Planning and Sustainable Design, 160 page handbook illustrating local, practical and effective methods of achieving sustainable communities, Simon Fraser University City Program, Vancouver, B.C., 2011.
  • von Hausen, Michael A., 100 Timeless Urban Design Principles, 100 page book..
    ISBN: 978-0-8649i-289-3, Simon Franser University City Program, Vancouver, B.C., 2008.

  • von Hausen, Michael A and Holland, Sylvia, Public Process Playbook, 150 page handbook, Simon Franser University City Program, Vancouver, B.C., 2007.

  • von Hausen, Michael A., Urban Design Economics, Simon Franser University City Program, Vancouver, B.C., 2004.

  • von Hausen, Michael A and Mahler, Tom, "Made in Midtown,The 100 Year Plan for Midtown" Calgary, Plan Canada, March 2005.

  • von Hausen, Michael A. and Venzcel, Gloria. “Visualization of Zoning Bylaws" Planning Commissioners Journal, No. 49, Winter 2003. Burlington, Vermont.

  • von Hausen, Michael A.,“Alternative Development Standards: Practical Tools for Sustainable Development”, Plan Canada, July/August/September 2002, Vol. 42 No. 3, pgs. 26-28.

  • von Hausen, Michael A. and the Land Centre. Leading Edges: Alternative Development Standards in BC Municipalities, 35 pages, Vancouver, BC, 2002. ISBN 0-9730290-0-5.

  • “Barriers and Bridges to Alternative Development Standards”. Presentation to the National Conference of the Canadian Institute of Planners. Vancouver, May 2002.

  • “Emerging Trends and Processes in Real Estate Development”, presentation to the Urban Development Institute School of Development course “The Changing Forces of Real Estate Development”, April 2002, Simon Fraser University.

  • “Envisioning the Future: Interactive Tools for Sustainable Development”. Moderator for this Globe 2002 Conference Session. Globe is an international conference that focuses on Business and the Environment. Vancouver, March 2002.

  • “Value-Added Green Development and Partnerships”, “Energy Matters” BC Gas Workshop presentations at Castlegar and Cranbrook, BC, March 2002.

  • “Site Reading: Maximizing Value and Decreasing Risk”, a workshop presented to the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia, Land Use Perspectives 2001 Conference, Vancouver, November , 2001.

  • “Building the Right Urban Village: People, Process and Plans”, a presentation to the Healthy Saanich Conference, November 2001.

  • “Building Partnerships in Urban Design: Focus on Making Streets More People-Friendly and Making Better Connections”, a two-day seminar presented to the City of Victoria, June 2001.

  • A Primer for Designing Integrated Neighbourhoods, von Hausen, M.A., a handbook for teaching at Simon Fraser University, City Program, April 2001.

  • Eco-Plan ToolKit, von Hausen, M.A., supplement to Eco-Plan Handbook including detailed economic analysis and costing implications of Sustainable Environmental Design, January 2001.

  • Alternative Development Standards Workbook, von Hausen, M.A., a handbook for teaching at Simon Fraser University, City Program, November 2000.

  • “Under Pressure: Balancing Urban Green Space Needs with Land Use Demands”, Moderator for panel discussion at BCIT, sponsored by the Evergreen Foundation, Vancouver, BC, October 2000.

  • “Building Them a Golden Bridge: Raising Capital and Public Support for Greening Projects”, Workshop for the “Breaking Ground” Regional Conference, Evergreen Foundation, Vancouver, BC, October 2000.

  • CSLA Sustainability Declaration 2000, von Hausen, M. A., approved in principle by the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, May 2000.

  • “A Smart Growth Approach to Environmentally Sensitive Areas Planning”,
    (representing Smart Growth BC) presentation to the Planning Institute of British Columbia Annual Conference, Nanaimo, BC, May 2000.

  • “Vision 2000: A New Approach to Eco-Planning and Design”, presentation to the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Symposium 2000, Harrison Hot Springs, BC, May 2000.

  • “Economics of Greenways”, presentation to the White Rock/South Surrey Communities sponsored by the Surrey/White Rock Naturalists Society, White Rock, BC, April 2000.

  • International Eco-Lodge Design, selected to review the Site Planning and Architectural Design chapters for this book, March 2000.

  • “Sustainable Urban Design”, professional panelist at the Canadian Association of Planning Students Annual Conference, Vancouver, BC, February 2000.

  • Rupert and Renfrew SkyTrain Stations Precinct Public Enhancement Plans, City of Vancouver, British Columbia, design guidelines, policies and costing of street improvements, pedestrian and bikeway greenway links, bus links, and infill development around the two stations, approved by Vancouver City Council, February 1, 2000.

  • “Mainstreaming Sustainability with Professional Acumen: Vision, Methods and International Projects”, presentation as one of two finalists for the Director of Landscape Architecture position, Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba, December 1999.

  • The Net Environmental Gain Approach: Securing Higher Ground for Local Sustainable Development, von Hausen, M.A., Ecolines, p.3, Newsletter of the EcoDesign Resource Society, Vancouver, BC, Summer 1999.

  • “Sustainability Charter: Leading the Profession into the 21st Century”, presentation and workshop at the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects National Conference, Vancouver, BC May 1999.

  • Urban Form-Makers: Vancouver’s Urban Design Transformation, von Hausen, M. A., Sitelines Annual, pgs. 18-23, BC Society of Landscape Architects, Vancouver, BC, February 1999.

  • “Setting Eco-Targets for Community Ecological Planning and Design: Principles, Targets and Process”, presentation to the faculty and students at the School of Environmental Design, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, October 1998.

  • Georgia Street Tree and Sidewalk Guidelines, City of Vancouver Planning Department, Vancouver, BC, (adopted by City Council) May 1998.

  • Sensitive Site Development: Programming, Design and Economics, von Hausen, M.A., 1997 (updated to 2002), 25 page workbook for students at the University of British Columbia Site Planning Certificate Program and Camosin College.

  • Sensitive Site Development Planning: Building Blocks for Thriving and Enduring Communities, von Hausen, M.A., 1996, 70 page book used as a teaching tool in the Site Planning Certificate Program at the University of British Columbia Site Planning Ceritificate Program.

  • Land Use Planning Graphics Resource Book: Effective Visual Communications for Informed Decision-Making, von Hausen, M.A., 1996, (2002 edition). 170 page book used for teaching Visual Communications at the University of British Columbia Schools of Community and Regional Planning and Landscape Architecture, as well as the Community and Professional Programs.

  • City of Vancouver Greenways Plan, City of Vancouver Planning Department, (adopted by City Council) July 1995.

  • City of Vancouver Greenways Plan, presentation at the annual meeting of the Green Timbers Historical Society, Surrey, BC, April 1995.

  • Tree Retention, Relocation and Replacement Guidelines, City of Vancouver Planning Department (Adopted by City Council) November 1994.

  • Shared Form-Making Handbook, von Hausen, M.A., 1994, 60 page handbook developed for a continuing education seminar on effective public participation, at the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects Annual Congress, Victoria, BC, March 1994.

  • “The Glass Box with Extended Arms: Vancouver’s CityPlan”, presentation at the annual conference of the International Association of Public Participation Practitioners, Kananaskis, Alberta, August 1993.

  • “Our Urban Bubble: Limits and Choices”, lecture at the Real Estate Studies Seminar, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Vancouver, BC, March 1993.

  • “Planning in a Political Environment”, lecture given to the Political Science class, Vancouver Community College, Vancouver, BC November 1992.

  • “Urban Design and Ecology”, panelist, BC Society of Landscape Architects Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC, February 1992.

  • “Developing and Implementing Tree By-laws”, presentation to the Pacific North-West Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture Annual Meeting, Richmond, BC, October 1991.

  • von Hausen, Michael A. and Janice M. Robinson. “Integrating Urban Design and Planning Policy in Conserving the Essence of a Special Place: City of Barry Height Review Study”, Plan Canada, March 1991, 31:2, pgs17-22, also parts published in Foreign Urban Planning, China, April 1992, pgs 42-45 ( the case study was also jointly presented at the Canadian Institute of Planners National Conference, Banff, Alberta, May 1990).

  • “The Emerging Importance of Community Planning in Ski Resort Development”, presented at a seminar sponsored by the Quebec Ski Resort Association, Bromont, Quebec, November 1990.

  • “Computers: A Question of Survival”, moderator for this panel discussion and presentations, Colorado Society of Landscape Architects in association with the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Annual Conference, Beaver Creek, Colorado, October 1990. ( Reviewer, Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture 1990 Annual Conference Proceedings).

  • “Economics and Future Urban Form”, presented at the American Society of Landscape Architects Annual Conference, Orlando, Florida, November 1989.

  • “British Columbia Place: Managing Large Scale Public Land Development in Vancouver , BC”, presented to the Design and Planning Branches of the National Capital Commission, Ottawa, Ontario, January 1985.

  • “The Changing Consumer in Real Estate”, presented to the Society of Real Estate Appraisers, Edmonton Chapter, Edmonton, Alberta, September 1982.

  • “Development in the 80’s”, conference presentation at the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, March 1982.

  • Marketing Guidelines for the Nu-West Community, document and presentation at the Nu-West Development Corporation Management Conference, Calgary, Alberta, November 1980.

  • Angus Crowe A.I.A., case study written for the Real Estate Development Curriculum at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, published at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, Case No. 9379191, 1980.

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