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  • "MVH was a key player in the overall planning, public consultations, and success with municipal approvals for Garrison Crossing."
    ~ Randy Fasan, Director of Urban Design & Planning, Canada Lands Company, Vancouver, BC

  • "Michael von Hausen has been a delight to work with as our City has developed our "Vision for the Future". His inspirational leadership and creative thinking challenged us to think out of the box while still staying focused on the economic realities. I can not think of anyone I would rather have had as a partner in developing our visionary plans."
    ~ Former Mayor Peter Fassbender, City of Langley, BC (Minister of Education, Province of British Columbia)

  • “ Michael and his team brings that perfect, and now incredibly necessary, blend of creativity and economic reality to every project they undertake.”
    ~ Harry Harker, MCIP, Former Town Manager, High River, Alberta

  • " To my mind the essential component of Michael's work is how he engages community - humor, validation of THEIR sense of place, resulting in a product in which citizens have a sense of ownership, guardianship and incredible pride."
    ~ Hopeton A.Louden, Former Deputy Reeve , Councillor Division 8, Rocky View MD, Alberta

  • “Michael is an exceptional planner and landscape architect. He blends the two disciplines in a way unmatched by most of his peers. He is astute, analytic, and thorough. He has a very good knowledge of government and private sector planning matters.”
    ~ David Witty, PhD, FCIP, Dean of Architecture, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • “MVH did a great job on the Lower Twelfth Street Area Plan. It was a smooth process with innovative results.”
    ~ John Hopkins, Planner and Project Manager, Lower Twelfth Street Area Plan, City of New Westminster, BC

  • "MVH was instrumental in building the partnerships and maintaining the momentum and enthusiasm throughout the project."
    ~ Ken Bennett, Project Manager, Maplewood Project, District of North Vancouver, BC

  • "Michael's exceptional facilitation skills enabled us to galvanize political and community support for our Downtown Master Plan. Michael's enthusiasm is contagious!"
    ~ Gerald Minchuk, Director of Development Services and Economic Development, City of Langly, Langly, BC

Trainer and Coach

  • “Passion, rigor and perspective - it's the combination one looks for in good instructors. Fortunately, SFU's City Program has Michael von Hausen as our curriculum coordinator for urban design."
    ~ Gord Price, Director, the City Program, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC

  • “Michael von Hausen has been facilitating UDI’s School of Development courses for several years now, and he always receives rave reviews from the students and faculty members. His wide range of knowledge and his ability to communicate complex information in an understandable, down-to-earth manner are keys to his success. But it is Michael’s sheer passion and enthusiasm for urban planning that we love the most!”
    ~ Maureen Enser, Executive Director, Urban Development Institute-Pacific Region, Vancouver, BC

Team Player and Communicator

  • “Michael is a highly motivated, hard-working individual, with high professional standards. He is an organized, precise communicator, and an excellent team player.”
    ~ Joe Porter, FASLA, Principal, Design Workshop, Denver, Colorado

Group Leader and Facilitator

  • “Michael did a great job facilitating – it makes all the difference to have someone who can think on his feet.”
    ~ David Mason, The Evergreen Foundation, Vancouver, BC

  • “As a graduate of the SFU Executive MBA Program, I relish the interactive aspect of this program. Michael is an excellent facilitator.”
    ~ Alternative Development Standards Course Participant, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC

  • "MVH is a dynamic speaker, a most knowledgeable practitioner on the leading edge of his profession, and a real mentor to Simon Fraser University City Program's course participants."
    ~ Judy Oberlander, Past Director, City Program, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC

Planning Approvals Specialist

  • “Michael is an extremely capable and hard-working individual…He is particularly talented in the field of residential/commercial development where his flair for graphic presentation is particularly useful in the planning approvals process.”
    ~ Terrence W. Hardy, P. Eng., Branch Manager, Proctor and Redfern Limited, Ottawa, Ontario

Trainer, Speaker, and Motivator

  • “Michael is the architect of quality education.”
    “Forever, stellar.”
    “Thank you for all the support and inspiration.”
    “Michael’s energy is contagious.”
    “Michael was excellent – exactly what I needed. I would like to hear more.”
    “Michael von Hausen is unbelievable, I look forward to his further guidance.”
    “Michael is both a great instructor and mentor for program participants.”
    “You are a very dynamic speaker.”
    “Michael established a very welcoming, unthreatening environment that encouraged openness, and participation.”
    ~ Comments from Urban Design Certificate Program Participants, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC

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