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MVH brings 30 years of experience to every project. We customize project teams with professionals to match client needs, maximize impact, and create cost efficiencies. MVH believes in compact processes, not wasting time planning for streamlined delivery of products. We work closely with each community to develop rich and enduring plans.

Creating Value and Complete Sustainable Communities
To develop high quality sustainable environments in urban, suburban, and rural settings that meet the needs of the community, the environment, and local economic development.

Philosophy and Approach

Communication: People at the Centre of the Process
A sense of community is in the hands of the people. We use innovative and award-winning community-based design and planning processes to develop plans. In many circumstances, the MVH Team organizes a “Dynamic Urban Design Workshop” (short and intensive design and planning exercise) with the stakeholders to draw out the soul of the community – what it was, is, and wants to be. MVH has developed and implemented similar workshops in Canada, United States, and Russia.

Sensitivity: Land Stewardship as a Foundation
Our respect and harmony with the earth will be our passport to the future. Our firm believes that each site has its past, present, and future capacity for development based on its social, ecological, and economic characteristics. MVH has developed a 160-page handbook called Eco-Plan: Community Ecological Planning and Design that presents the MVH Eco-Plan process and successful case studies.

Comprehensiveness:Real Estate Economics as a Keystone
Thoughtful planning and design normally makes good economic sense. MVH integrates community development economics into each project from the beginning. Existing and future uses, demographic profiles, market potential, costs, incentives, and creative land design are considerations in the evolution of the strategic plan. Michael von Hausen, President of MVH teaches Urban Design Economics at Simon Fraser University and works closely with other experts to obtain the “pulse” of the market and its future potential. The goal is to build value into every project so that the final plan stimulates demand and special recognition in the marketplace.

Efficiency: Collaboration and Minimum Waste
The essence of an excellent plan is the contribution of many ideas and strategic expertise. At MVH we believe in a collaborative approach that brings together a customized team to meet the specific demands of each project. Dividing the project into steps so that adjustments may be made to meet changing demands minimizes project costs.

Results: Action-Oriented Plan
Actions speak louder than words. However, actions without thoughtful planning are not far-reaching nor consistent. We believe in implementing cost-effective ideas early in the design and planning process to prove results. Each plan should incorporate an action plan into the document including organization, timing, process, and targets. The action plan should also include a monitoring and evaluation system that continues to improve the plan over time.

MVH brings seasoned experience in all facets of land development from land economics to detailed design and approvals. MVH has direct senior experience in the private and public sectors. Michael von Hausen, President of MVH, spent nearly 10 years with the City of Vancouver’s Planning Department, winning provincial, national and international recognition for his public process work across the City. He is past Director and Executive Director of the Surrey Foundation, has been a member and Chaired the City of Surrey’s Advisory Design Panel, and is a graduate of Harvard University’s Urban Design program with a specialty in real estate development. Michael is also the chief instructor and curriculum coordinator of the Urban Design Certificate Program at Simon Fraser University, Adjunct Professor - Graduate Urban Studio Simon Fraser University, and facilitates the School of Development for the Urban Development Institute, Pacific Region.

Expect Quality and Service.
MVH brings proven award-winning experience in developing communities around the world. The company specializes in sustainable development planning and urban design using a sensitive and collaborative community process with outstanding results. Our interdisciplinary firm covers environmental analysis and project feasibility through to design and approvals. MVH builds handpicked teams that bring together the right architect, economist, biologist, and engineer to solve the right problem at the right time.

Specialized Services:

  • International Town and City Master Planning
  • Downtown Master Planning
  • Growth Management Strategies
  • Public Consultation and Mediation
  • Resort Master Planning
  • Strategic Land Development Programming, Phasing, and Implementation
  • Master Facilitation of Community Processes
  • Project Management and Development Approvals
  • Sustainable Development and Progressive Development Strategies
  • Large Scale Urban Design and Planning Framework Studies
  • Special Strategic Positioning, and Sales/Acquisition Advisory Services
  • Customized Development Standards and Efficiencies
  • Official Community Planning, Neighbourhood Concept Plans, and Zoning Updates
  • Environmental Analysis, Eco-Economics, and Market Scanning
  • Site Planning, Community Design and Approvals
  • Community Design Charrettes and Urban Design Guidelines
  • Communications Strategies

Recent Projects:

  • Huangshi Eco-City Design, Huangshi, China
  • Pentiction Downtown Master Plan, Pentiction, British Columbia
  • Calgary West High Street, Calgary, Alberta
  • Town of Cochrane Integrated Downtown Action Plan, Cochrane, Alberta
  • Cambrian Crossing Community 318 hectare Master Plan, Strathcona County, Alberta
  • New Elita Community 550 hectare Master Plan, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
  • City of Leduc Downtown Master Plan, Leduc, Alberta
  • Medicine Hat Downtown Plan, Medicine Hat, Alberta
  • Salisbury Village East 13 hectare Master Plan, Strathcona County, Alberta
  • Rockyview 60 hectare Municipal Campus Master Plan, Rockyview, Alberta
  • City of Langley Downtown Plan, Langley, British Columbia (award winning)
  • Downtown Red Deer Master Plan, Red Deer, Alberta
  • Town of High River Downtown and Urban Corridors Urban Design Plan, High River, Alberta
  • Town of Pemberton Downtown Development Strategies, Village of Pemberton, British Columbia
  • Fenwick Tower Redevelopment Plan, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Rockyview County Industrial and Commercial Development Guidelines, Rockyview, Alberta
  • Liberty Crossing at Gasoline Alley 400 hectare Urban Design Plan (award winning)
  • Weyerhaeuser Lands 140 hectare Master Plan, Ucluelet, British Columbia (award winning)
  • Midtown Calgary 100 year Vision – 150 hectare Midtown project, Calgary, Alberta
  • Garrison Crossing 60 hectare Mixed Community, Chilliwack, British Columbia (award winning)
  • The Lower 12th Street Area Plan – City of New Westminster, British Columbia (award winning)
  • Willoughby Town Centre Urban Design Plan, Township of Langley, British Columbia


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